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Hôtel Universel Rivière-du-Loup

311, boulevard de l'Hôtel-de-Ville

1 800-265-0072


Cathy St-Cyr

Assistant General Manager 418 867-5212, Ext. 6633cathy.stcyr@hoteluniverselrdl.com

Véronique Caron

Director, catering and banquets 418 867-5212, Ext. 1veronique.caron@hoteluniverselrdl.com

Robin Ouellet

Deputy Director of Catering and Banquets 418 867-5212, Ext. 1robin.ouellet@hoteluniverselrdl.com

Mark Parent

Lodging Manager mark.parent@hoteluniverselrdl.com

Florence Desormeaux

Director, UniverSpa Health Center florance.desormeaux@hoteluniverselrdl.com

Emilie Dion

Assistant Lodging Manager emilie.dion@hoteluniverselrdl.com

Harry Dumas

Director of Operations harry.dumas@hoteluniverselrdl.com

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